A Friend Indeed

At the eleventh hour the phone did ring “We think Jared wants them they’ll be treated like a king!” Upon first arrival we knew in our guts We’ve found a new home for our two lovable mutts A quick walk to the park to get to know one another An instant bond they did make…


Note: This poem should be read to the cadence of Limbo Rock by Chubby Checker Stuck in limbo noth-ings-quick Changed her dress and li-ip-stick Moved on to the hair-and-nail It’s looking soon we’ll set-the-sail One last look before-we-roll Looks like these shoes they have-no-soul It’s time to start all-over-again We won’t eat dinner-till-ten

For Sale

Empty the garage and set it up nice Cooler stuff than Wal-Mart all half the price Customers come by from sunrise to sunset Some are pretty cool neighbors we only now have just met On Sunday the doors forever will be shut As our roots in Austin are pulled up and cut So for a…

Last Hurrah

Extravagant meals Sans the bill All for the experience Of a final thrill It’s on to drinks We girls and guys And a devilishly sneaky But heartfelt surprise Spirits run high Up to the final call Like the most Southern of Belles At a Debutante Ball To cap off the night A snack from a…

First Draft…EVER

This is the first draft I’ve written on our SWEET new blog. Hickory, dickory dock It’s Sunday at two o’clock Our thoughts, they are live Around the world, they derive All while just wearing a sock