A Friend Indeed


At the eleventh hour the phone did ring

“We think Jared wants them they’ll be treated like a king!”

Upon first arrival we knew in our guts

We’ve found a new home for our two lovable mutts

A quick walk to the park to get to know one another

An instant bond they did make both Joon and her brother

Thank you Jared White to you we are forever grateful

May your time with Gus and Joon be filled with joy and always playful


2 thoughts on “A Friend Indeed

  1. your beautiful children are wonderful. Gus is still so shy. I was taking them out back in the creek area daily last week. These dogs love it. I took Gus over to a friends house for a bluegrass jam, they didn’t dig the tunes but they followed me around everywhere. So loyal. You guys have raised wonderful dogs.

    🙂 thanks for blessing me with them.

    • THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR TAKING CARE OF THEM!!! We are so appreciative to know they are in a good place with someone who likes to be outside and explore, their two favorite things- besides back rubs and bones! Thank you for allowing them to do that! We hope they enrich your life as much as they blessed ours! We are forever grateful.

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